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Our Kayaks

The fleet consists of 17 single kayaks, 15 double kayaks, and 3 triple kayaks. The single kayak is perfect for most of our guests. The double kayak is more enjoyable for couples, while the triple kayak is recommended for parents with children, as it is more stable. If available, you can choose the kayak you prefer.


Single kayak

Faster and more agile.


Double kayak

Perfect for couples.


Triple kayak

Recommended for families.

Kayak Sorrento

We'll fill your reusable water bottle

Water is essential! Kayak Sorrento is a company committed to sustainability.

We focus on eco-friendly business practices for our customers. Going plastic-free is always a good thing. Therefore, we offer our customers, if they need it, purified drinking water.

Bring your own water bottle, and you can refill it as many times as you want at no cost. Our tap water is purified and carefully prepared to be potable. The filtered water will fill your reusable bottle in its purest form, free from any debris or impurities.

"Let's make our world a greener place together!"

Kayak Sorrento