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Discover the history, wild nature, and legends of the Sorrento Coast.

A guided kayak excursion to admire the beauty of the Sorrento Coast.

Let yourself be guided along a magical route, through history, untouched corners, and ancient legends. Landscapes and tales that thrill and are worth an entire vacation.

The kayak tour along the stunning Sorrento Coast is an unforgettable experience that leaves you breathless. Navigating through the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, among cliffs overlooking the sea and hidden caves, is a unique way to discover the breathtaking beauty of our wonderful land.

Starting from Sorrento, you can venture along the coast and admire enchanting landscapes, such as the famous Marina Grande bay, the Baths of Queen Giovanna, and the Nymphaeum of Agrippa Postumus, witnesses of a millenary history. Paddling along the tranquil waters, you can discover remote coves and secluded bays, far from the chaos and confusion of the busiest tourist beaches.

The experience of the kayak tour along the Sorrento Coast is truly unique and thrilling, allowing you to fully experience the beauty of this corner of paradise. Thanks to the expert guide who accompanies us along the route, it is possible to discover secrets and curiosities about the region, making the excursion even more interesting.

The kayak tour in the Sorrento Coast is an experience that will remain etched in memories forever, offering intense emotions and unforgettable moments immersed in the untouched nature of this splendid place.

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