Daily kayak tour

Experience the beauty of Sorrento from a different perspective with our daily kayak tour!

Activity Level: Light - Moderate

Available: from Monday to Sunday

Scheduled Duration: 2 Hours

Tour Type: Group

Meeting Location: Via Marina Grande, 90 Sorrento

Paddle along the stunning coastline, discovering hidden coves and picturesque beaches along the way. Our experienced guides will lead you on a journey through crystal-clear waters, giving you the opportunity to spot marine life and explore the natural beauty of this breathtaking region.

Departing from Marina Grande in Sorrento, we will kayak to Punta del Capo, where the Roman Villa of Pollio Felice, built between 41-54 AD, is located. This site, also known as Bagni della Regina Giovanna, features a heart-shaped natural pool with emerald green water that can be accessed by kayak through a small opening in the cliff. Here, you can admire the ruins of the villa, featuring opus reticulatum, mosaics, and frescoes, blending seamlessly with the surrounding wild nature. Take the opportunity to swim, explore the villa at your leisure, and capture plenty of photographs before returning to Marina Grande to conclude the kayak excursion.

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Important Notes

Swimming and exploration of the villa is not included in the 1 hour tour

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Knowing how to swim is essential to participate in our group tours in Kayak.
If you are not sure of your fitness, it is advisable to book a private tour, where you will be constantly supervised by our specialized guide.

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  • Meeting Meeting in Via Marina Grande, 90, 80067 – Sorrento 15 minutes before departure, introductory lesson and preparation of the kayaks for the departure

  • Departure We will pass by the ancient tuna fishery, making our way along the limestone coast of Sorrento towards the Bagni della Regina Giovanna.

  • Visit to the Bagni della Regina Giovanna We will be visiting the natural pool at Bagni della Regina Giovanna, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, capture stunning photos, and discover ancient Roman ruins.

  • Return We will admire the Roman villa of Pollio Felice from the outside, and then – depending on the sea conditions – we will head towards the bay of Puolo or the nymphaeum of Agrippa Postumus, before returning to Marina Grande to conclude the tour.

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